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Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) organized in Tokyo a presentation on the tourism potential of Uzbekistan.

The presentation was attended by more than 20 Japanese tourist organizations. They got acquainted with great interest with new routes for tourists in Rishton, Jizzakh, Termez, and with information about international and local Uzbek airlines.

During the presentation, the director of JATA’s international travel department, Toshiaki Shigeta noted that the high tourism potential, rich culture and historical monuments of Uzbekistan are important factors for attracting foreign tourists.

In this regard, his deputy, Hiroshi Yanagida reported that the members of the Japan Association of Travel Agents are greatly interested in Uzbekistan and are further planning to organize regular tours for Japanese tourists.

Eiji Iwase, Director General of the Japanese tourist company AJT INC noted that his company has been working with Uzbek National Company ‘Uzbektourism’ for more than 10 years, and every year the flow of Japanese tourists in Uzbekistan steadily grows.

Director of the Japanese travel company AIR CRYSTALL INC, Taek Fushima said that in June this year she had the opportunity to visit Uzbekistan under the ‘Mega-info-tours’ program. She showed big interest in the new routes and intends to propose them to Japanese public. (Source: Ut.uz)

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