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The International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange

The history of the International Industrial Fairs and Co-operation Exchanges (IIFCE) begins with the Republican Industrial Fair and Co-operation Exchange, which was established according to the Decree of the President № 3937 “On Measures for Further Strengthening Intra- and Inter-Sectorial Industrial Co-operation”.

Enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan, both small and large, were granted an opportunity not only to present their products at the nationwide level but also to get acquainted with the technical innovations and novelties of the production, with the achievements of related industries and businesses to identify their needs in manufactured materials, components, etc. for the near-term prospect, as well as to find a reliable long-term partner, sign contracts and make a portfolio of orders for supplying their goods for the next year.

In 2009, the Republican Industrial Fair and Co-operation Exchange was given an international status, its functions and sphere of activity were significantly expanded. The main aims and objectives of IIFCE were identified as follows:

- elaboration and formation of contracts on delivery of domestically manufactured goods for internal usage and export;

- assistance to enterprises in establishing long-term production co-operation, delivery of materials and components, finished goods as well as in adoption of new products on the basis of sectorial, inter-sectorial and international co-operation;

- assistance in promotion of effective domestic and foreign technologies, materials, instruments and equipment to the regional market;

- development of market principles and mechanisms of export of domestically manufactured goods and services by expanding the export and import transactions with foreign partners;

- attraction of foreign consumers and potential partners planning to organize production in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The 5th International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange has been held in the premises of the National Exhibition Company “UZEXPOCENTRE”  from 25th till 29th of October 2011.

The results of the International Industrial Fairs and Cooperation Exchange (IIFCE) show a steady growing interest both of domestic industrial producers, consumers, and representatives of foreign companies interested in Uzbek goods.

The products of 1030 companies specializing in manufacturing various industries in the domestic market and abroad were exhibited at the Fair.

The participants of IIFCE were provided with everything they needed for a successful exhibition, including the entire infrastructure of the National Exhibition Company “Uzexpocentre” consisting of four big pavilions, the two atriums, 4 outdoor playgrounds, the premises of the International Trade Centre with conference halls and meeting rooms, hotel, catering facilities with a total area of ​​20 square meters.

More than 8,000 types of products made in Uzbekistan, including about 420 new samples developed in 2011 were displayed on the exhibition stands. The expositions included such branches of economy as exploration, mining and mineral resources processing, high technology, automotive, agricultural, electrical, chemical, pharmaceutical, light, food industries, construction materials, printing, transportation, traffic engineering, and others industries.

Technical and technological innovations were represented by the stands of scientific research institutes of the Academy of Sciences, design engineering bureaus, businesses. Involvement of these organizations in industrial cooperation has become indispensable for the further development of cooperative ties.

The International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange was attended by 850 representatives of foreign companies from 58 countries, including Germany, UK, Canada, China, Republic of Korea, India, Japan, Turkey, UAE, the CIS member states and other countries. Moreover, official delegation of such organizations as Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), and business communities of Spain, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia and Afghanistan took part in the event. Foreign visitors have noted the high level of holding of the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange.

In all, 70 thousands people, including representatives from ministries and other public institutions, industrial enterprises, local authorities, business and entrepreneurship, academics, higher-education teaching personnel, students of high and secondary specialized schools, took part within 5 days of the Fair.

As in previous years considerable interest of IIFCE participants was focused on technical potential and technological capabilities presentations, which were made by practically all sectorial and regional enterprises of Uzbekistan in order to represent their proposals for partnership in the framework of industrial cooperation and exchange of experience. Total amount of such presentations was 62, which were attended by around 5.2 thousands people.

An increasing number of participants and international guests of the 5th International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange and effective work of the event resulted in a significant growth in the number of arrangements between suppliers and consumers of Uzbekistan industrial products, as well as foreign buyers. In particular, contracts for delivery products for 3.5 trillion sum and the export contracts for about 4 billion dollars were concluded in the course of the 5th IIFCE.

The Catalog "Industrial Products of Uzbekistan" is published annually to ensure access of domestic and foreign consumers who intend to purchase domestic products or a production in Uzbekistan. The Catalog contains information about goods and services produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as products offered to the development.
In 2011, the Directorate of IIFCE worked to strengthen this resource.  New catalog is released both in Russian and an English languages and includes over 10 thousand products of about 1500 enterprises of the Republic.

The catalog traditionally contains all national industries represented by particular sections. Such sections as "Consumer Goods", "New Products of 2011 - 2012" and "Products Proposed for Manufacturing" were added in the new edition of the catalog.  A CD that contains both versions of the Catalog and other useful materials was produced for convenience of users.  An electronic version of the Catalog is also available on the official website of the Directorate of International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange (www.cooper.uz).

Participants of the 5th International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange were awarded on the following nominations: "For a Focused and Productive Work in the Development of Industrial Cooperation," "For the Highest Rate of Localization" "For the Effective Involvement of Industrial Cooperation in small and private business", "For the Best Design and Thematic Representation of the Company and Products" and others. 
Among the nominees there were such big industrial enterprises as "Uzavtosanoat", “Uzbeknetegaz”,  "Navoi Mining Metallurgical Complex", "Almalik Mining Metallurgical Complex", "Uzbekengilsanoat" and others, as well as small and private businesses including «Neo Sun Light», «SPZ -Bearing », «Alutex», «CFM Pro Energies», etc.

In conclusion, it should be once again emphasized that the results of the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange show a growing interest of domestic enterprises and foreign companies in establishing and development new contacts and cooperation in the field of purchasing of goods and commodities as well as in organizing new production of high-tech products.

The number of participants and the range of products to be displayed in 2012 at regional and sectoral fairs, as well as at 6th IIFCE is expected to increase significantly.

We invite all interested foreign partners to participate in 6th IIFCE to be held   from 23th till 27th of October 2012. More information is available on our website www.cooper.uz, or by phones +99871 - 238-53-52, +99871 - 238-54-13.



Dear Mr.___________________,

For the purpose of further development and strengthening trade and economic relations as well as investment cooperation between firms and companies of the Republic of Uzbekistan and __________ allow me to draw you kind attention to the following.

In accordance with the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, annually since of 2008, the industrial fairs presented through regional and sector angle as well as the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange are held in Uzbekistan.

The main objective of those is wider spread of information to businesses including foreign buyers about the products made in Uzbekistan; assistance in finding partners and conclusion of contracts to sell local goods including export.

The outcome of the last events demonstrates growing interest of businesses to participation in the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange, and also steady growth in number of contracts concluded and attendees, including SME’s.

In 2011 exhibition stands of 1030 companies were displayed; 70,000 people attended the event including more than 850 foreign ones from 58 different countries. As a result, the total number of contracts has concluded to volume worth of UZS 3.5 trillion in domestic terms and USD 3.9 billion of export. The further growth of these figures is expected this year.

Participation of international partners in sectorial industrial fairs as well as in the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange gives a unique opportunity to get in touch with full spectrum of sectors of the Republic of Uzbekistan since all products manufactured locally are to be collected in one spot.

A number of advantageous factors as are rich mineral recourse base, cheap electricity, gas and other utilities, available and moderately priced labor, and privileged taxation for export oriented manufacturing determine essence of competitive advantage of the Uzbek goods, which indeed may attract potential partners.

Besides, participation in the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange will allow identifying opportunities and directions for foreign investments since in the course of event a number of productions to be launched in Uzbekistan will be presented.

Let me invite you and members of your federation (association)/representatives of your company to visit the sectorial industrial fairs to be held in May-June this year (schedule is attached) and the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange in October 23-26, 2012. We will be very pleased to see you as an active participant of these events to be held in Tashkent in the premises of the National Exhibition Company “UZEXPOCENTRE”.

For participation please fill in the registration form and submit to the Embassy/Consulate of the Republic of Uzbekistan to _____________.





Sectorial Industrial Fairs

Tashkent, April – June 2012*


International Industrial Fair and

Cooperation Exchange

Tashkent, 23-27 October 2012



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Please, send the filled in registration form to the following address:


Directorate of International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange


Our address: Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, 100077, 107 Mustaqillik Avenue


Phone: +99871 2385413, 2385352,    Fax: +99871 2385483


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You can also register yourself electronically on our website – http://www.cooper.uz

Schedule of Industrial Fairs

to be held in the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2012



Fair theme



Mechanical engineering, electro-technical  and aircraft industry , product standardization

23-25 May, 2012


Municipal sphere, transport, capital construction and building industry

18-20 April, 2012


Agriculture and water industry, agricultural products processing and consumer products.

3 - 5 May, 2012


Education, public health, social security, information system and communications

3 - 5 May 2012


Geology, petrol complex, chemical,  petrochemical and  metallurgy

14 - 16 June, 2012

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