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Uzbekistan to open 21 new pharmaceutical firms in 2013-2015. 1

By 2016 the country will build and re-equip 312 food companies. 1


Uzbek sports verify course on Brazil. 2


Uzbekistan to open 21 new pharmaceutical firms in 2013-2015

Uzbekistan is planning to open 21 new pharmaceutical companies in six region of the country in 2013-2015. This was announced at the Committee of Senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan on budget and economic reforms.During the session, participants discussed implementation of the law "On investment activity" at the Uzbek state joint stock concern of pharmaceutical industry. Representatives of state bodies, Uzfarmsanoat, heads of pharmaceutical companies, NGOs, scholars and experts participated at the session.

It was noted that pharmaceutical industry is one of important sectors of Uzbekistan's economy. It includes production of pharmaceutical products and medical goods. Study of the execution of the law "On investment activities" at Uzfarmsanoat showed that effective implementation of complex of measures on attracting investments to further development of pharmaceutical industry.

Currently, pharmaceutical industry has over 130 enterprises and three scientific-research institutes. The industry has joint ventures from Bangladesh, Great Britain, Germany, China, India, UAE, Poland, Russia, Turkey and Switzerland.

In last three years, the volume of production of pharmaceutical products rose twice and the exports jumped by 2.2 times. The industry launched production of 142 new medicaments.

Uzbek Chemical-Pharmaceutical scientific-research institute, Tashkent scientific-research institute of vaccines and serum research and Sharq Tabobati in 2010-2012 implemented 22 projects to support scientific developments. The state budget allocated to 1.6 billion soums (official exchange rate of 18.03.2013 $1=2030.73 UZS) to these research works. The industry attracted investments for US$116.5 million. In the result, some 27 enterprises with foreign investments for US$40.3 million were created.

Local pharmaceutical enterprises registered and produce over 1,200 types of medicaments and medical products of 30 pharmacological groups, which include drugs, vaccines and serums, ampoules and vials of various sizes, medical gauze, disposable syringes, transfusion systems, dressings and other products produced in high-tech equipment.

In order to full satisfaction of demands of population in medicaments, Uzbekistan works on creation of new enterprises in the regions of Uzbekistan. Some 34 pharmaceutical companies work in Syrdarya and Tashknt egion, which produce medicaments for 177.8 billion soums in 2010-2012. Some 1,450 new jobs were created here.

Uzbekistan implements the resolution "On priorities of development of industry in Uzbekistan for 2011-2015", which envisages creation of 21 new pharmaceutical enterprises in Andijan, Bukhara, Kashkadarya, Namangan, Surkhandarya and Khorezm regions in 2013-2015.

At the meeting, Senators also considered shortages in the industry. The participants said that it is necessary to increase investment attractiveness of industry, especially with innovative projects, scientific-research works, etc.

The participants made proposals on further effective use of natural resources and local raw materials in production of medical products. It was said that Uzfarmsanoat should speed up work on inclusion of projects into investment and localization programmes. The Committee of Senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan on budget and economic reforms adopted a corresponding decision. (Source: Business Partner.uz).


By 2016 the country will build and re-equip 312 food companies

The Food Industry Association of Uzbekistan last year released a product of more than US$3trillion soums.

Uzbekistan in the early 90's made a bid to achieve food security and to ensure the internal market of quality food products. Experts point out that the country has made significant performance in this area. Today, in many countries, due to the impact of instability in the world economy, experienced decline in food production. Thus in this sphere of Uzbekistan is growing annually by 8-10%.

These indicators have been achieved through an active investment policy and the direction of funds for production modernization and technological re-equipment. As a result, new and upgraded existing facility for the production of oil and fat, canned goods, meat and dairy products, soft drinks, confectionery and other food products have been created in the country, the number of which far exceeded 6,600. In addition, until 2016 the country plans to build and reconstruct another 312 enterprises for processing fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products in the country. This will create additional capacity to process 63.1 tons of fruit and vegetables, 16.5 thousand tons of meat and 45.7 thousand tons of dairy products.

As Head of the Department of Development of Meat Industry of the Food Industry Association of Uzbekistan Abdunabi Fathullaev said, foreign investors take an active part in development of the food industry. A favorable investment climate created in the country attracts foreign companies, which, in partnership with the Uzbek side, implement projects aimed at creating a highly profitable enterprise for production of food.

At present, there are 17 joint ventures within the Association. In 2012, foreign investments reached US$48.8m. The equipment by these funds of the enterprises with new equipment and technologies will increase production capacity of 12.6 thousand tons of milk processing, 4.6 tons of meat, 30 tons of fruits and vegetables product names and introduction of manufacture of 126 new products. (Source: Uzbekistan Today newspaper).



Uzbek sports verify course on Brazil

National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan held a meeting where leaders of the NOC, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, sports associations and federations discussed the outgoing tasks to ensure implementation of the presidential resolution on the preparation of athletes of Uzbekistan for the 31st Summer Olympic Games and 15th Paralympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

The newly appointed president of the Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan Mirabror Usmanov informed the participants that the Republican Commission on the organization of athlete’s training for Rio de Janeiro 2016 had held its first meeting on February 27.

“The president gave a lot of authority to the National Olympic Committee,” said Mirabror Usmanov, “And we need to do our best ensure our athletes to achieve a decent result at the Olympic Games in 2016. To this end, we are reorganizing the structure of the NOC, establish an Olympians Support Fund so that the athletes had strong financial incentives, create a Center for Medical-Biological and Sport-Psychological Support and solve a number of important tasks. First and foremost we will review our work with the federations of Olympic sports.

There are currently 31 sports federations in the country. Conventionally, they can be divided into three groups – those from whom we can expect great results, the developing ones and those requiring some more improvements done. Coming closer to the future Olympic Games, we will now work with fourteen federations. All of them, as they say, must go up to a pace of the international federations, seeking to increase their representation in their governing bodies. And on the national level they must ensure functioning of regional federations.

“Responsibility for the preparations for the Olympic Games lies on the National Olympic Committee,” noted Jasur Akramov, first deputy Minister of Culture and Sport. “But the federations should not remain on the sidelines. Their mission is to ensure staffing, study the state of affairs in regions, organize regional championships in their sports, which is essential for better selection of promising young athletes in the national team. And also they must provide real support to those coaches in the field who have already proved themselves competent, capable professionals. For example, let’s help a weightlifting club in Takhiatosh who regularly rearing talented athletes, equip judo club in Denov, Yahyo Imamov’s hometown, encourage enthusiasm of gymnastics coaches who ensured a notable influx of girls in sports in recent years.”

Rio de Janeiro Olympics are coming closer and closer every day so athletes of Uzbekistan should cherish this time. (Source: Uzbekistan Today newspaper).

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