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Festive Congratulation by President Islam Karimov at the Grand Celebrations Dedicated to the Navruz Holiday. 1

Special industrial zone Jizzakh.. 2

Uzbekistan creates special industrial zone Jizzakh. 2


Kim Nam-Seok appointed as deputy chairperson of Uzbek Communication Committee. 2


President of Olympic Council of Asia visits Uzbekistan. 2


Festive Congratulation by President Islam Karimov at the Grand Celebrations Dedicated to the Navruz Holiday

Assalamu alaykum, dear compatriots! Distinguished guests!

These days all our compatriots, both senior and young, do welcome with joy, delight and open hearts the symbol of spring, rejuvenation and revival - the holiday of Navruz that enters our homes with blessed spirit by saying: "Welcome to our land, the world of Navruz!"

In this radiant morning I am happy to sincerely and cordially congratulate you, my dears, and in your person, our entire nation on the festival of Navruz and express my respect and heartfelt wishes.

Dear compatriots!

It is natural to ask: "Why do we always miss and yearn for Navruz? Why this very holiday has turned into a beloved and the most cherished one to all of us?"

The reason is that the world of Navruz is our most ancient and truly national holiday free of various ideology and politics, and corresponds to our traditions and values.

Because Navruz stands precious to all of us thanks to its spirit and ideas which urge each and every human being to sense that he is an unalienated and integral part of this Homeland and Mother Nature, as well as enjoy its true beauty, cherish it and live in accord and harmony with it.

The holiday of Navruz is deeply consonant with the views of our nation since it urges to reject any malice, resentment and animosities, value peaceful and tranquil life, and glorifies such an invaluable wealth as accord and unity, mutual respect and solidarity among various ethnicities and people.

Thanks to this very profound essence and meaning, we all impatiently look forward to, value and celebrate with joy and delight our oriental New Year, when a day equals to a night, as a nation-wide holiday - this beautiful fete of spring that embodies such features as virtue and charm, plenty, abundance and generosity.

The vivid confirmation of the said becomes apparent when we see these days how our compatriots are celebrating the holiday of Navruz with great elation by enjoying the yet blossoming nature and sitting around dastarkhans laid with such springtime viands as sumalak and khalim, guja and kuksomsa, as well as holding public fetes and national performances of wrestling and uloq (horseback competition for carcass) at green venues and grasslands.

In this unmatched season our people vividly demonstrate the sacred values peculiar to our nation and turned into an everyday lifestyle - to render mercy and compassion to one another, offer a gratuitous help to the sick and lonely, seek blessings of our revered elderly, and strive to share its joy and delight with kin, friends and neighbors.

Our each and every compatriot who lives in our Homeland, irrespective of his nationality, language and religion, becomes enchanted with the mood of joy and accepts Navruz as his own dear holiday.

On behalf of you and entire nation allow me to congratulate and express gratitude to the distinguished ambassadors of foreign states and the representatives of international organizations, our foreign partners and associates, as well as all our dear guests who are taking part in our Navruz celebrations in this sublime venue and showing profound respect and esteem to our people on such a joyful occasion.

Dear compatriots!

In these bright moments I would like to express my profound sympathy, love and respect to you, my dears, who have assembled in this magnificent and blessed venue, and in your person, all our revered elderly, charming sisters and mothers, our blossoming youth, my dear children, with sparkling eyes who stand as a buttress and support of our people.

I embrace and congratulate all of you time and again on this fascinating holiday and express my sincere wishes from the bottom of my heart.

Let this holiday of Navruz in "The Year of Prosperous Life" bring to all of us, each and every home and family peace and tranquility, happiness and joy, as well as plenty and abundance!

Let our sincerest wishes expressed on the eve of Navruz - the New Year, as well as all our dreams and aspirations come true!

May our Uzbekistan be more prosperous and thriving!

Happy Navruz to all of us!


Special industrial zone Jizzakh

Uzbekistan creates special industrial zone Jizzakh

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a decree “On creation of special industrial zone Jizzak” on 18 March 2013.

The document was adopted in order to form favourable conditions for attracting foreign and local investments to creation of high technologic industrial capacities, production of competitive products with high added price, complex and effective use production and resource potential of Jizzakh and Syrdarya regions, create new jobs, raise income of population, as well as implement a memorandum of understanding on implementation of project on creation of Uzbek-Chinese industrial park in Uzbekistan.

According to the decree, special industrial zone Jizzakh will be created in Jizzakh region of Uzbekistan with the branch in Syrdarya.

Uzbek leader ordered state bodies and local authorities in Jizzakh and Syrdarya region to determine borders of SIZ Jizzakh and allocate lands.

The document said that the main goal of the special industrial zone Jizzakh is to attract direct investments to creation of high technologic and innovative production capacities on production of competitive goods for internal and external markets.

Another goal of the zone is to ensure effective use of production and resource base of these two regions, create new jobs, deepen localization of production, etc.

The decree said that the special zone was created for 30 years with possibility of extension. The decree set tax and customs preferences for enterprises, operating in the zone.

The enterprises, located in the zone, will be exempted from payment of income tax, property tax, tax for accomplishment and social infrastructure, single tax, and mandatory payments to Road Fund.

They will be also exempted from payment of customs duties for imported materials, equipment and spare parts, which are not produced in Uzbekistan.

The preferences will be provided from three to seven years based on the volume of investments. The investors will be get these preferences for three years, if they invest US$300,000, five years – for investments from US$3 to US$10 million and seven years – for investments for above US$10 million.

This is the third special zone in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan also created free industrial-economic zone and Angren special industrial zone. (Source: UzDaily.com).



Kim Nam-Seok appointed as deputy chairperson of Uzbek Communication Committee

Citizen of the Republic of Korea Kim Nam-Seok has been appointed as deputy chairperson of the State Committee of Uzbekistan on communication, informatization and telecommunication technologies, the press service of the committee said.

A group of the Korean experts led by ICT consultant Kim Nam-Seok, who earlier worked as First Vice Minister of Public Administration and Security of the Republic of Korea, started work at the State Committee on communication, informatization and telecommunication technologies.

The committee said that Kim Nam-Seok received status of the deputy chairperson of the State Committee of Uzbekistan on communication, informatization and telecommunication technologies.

Kim Nam-Seok will focus on development of electronic government in Uzbekistan as the Republic of Korea has great experience in the area.

Appointment of Kim Nam-Seok to this post is practical implementation of agreements, reached during the state visit of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov to South Korea on 19-21 September 2012. (Source: UzDaily.com).



President of Olympic Council of Asia visits Uzbekistan

A delegation led by President of Olympic Council of Asia Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah is visiting Uzbekistan.

The delegation held a meeting with the President of National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan Mirabrar Usmanov on 18 March 2013.

The sides exchanged opinion on current state and perspectives of cooperation between Olympic Council of Asia and Uzbekistan, as well as development of ties.

Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah said that Uzbekistan pays great attention to development of sports in Uzbekistan. He said that during the talks at Uzbekistan National Olympic Committee, the delegation received information about reforms in Uzbekistan, including in sports development.

The delegation also visited newly constructed Bunyodkor sport complex in Tashkent. (Source: UzADaily.com).

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