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Islam Karimov Speaks at Tashkent Regional Council Session. 1


Comfortable dwelling grows throughout the country. 1


Uzbekistan approves programme of road repairing for 2013. 2

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According to Avicenna’s Canon. 2



Islam Karimov Speaks at Tashkent Regional Council Session

The Tashkent Regional Kengash (Council) of People’s Representatives assembled April 1 for a special session.

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The head of our state noted in particular that the Tashkent province is distinct with the fertility of its soil, with its rich mineral resources and ample water resources, and has drawn admiration for its matchless and picturesque nature.

By producing agricultural goods, the farmers of this region have been making a remarkable input into the efforts aimed at supplying sufficient amounts of it not merely to the residents of the province, but also those of the capital Tashkent, as well.

The Tashkent region boasts an advanced manufacturing segment, the leading sector of economy. In general, the province accounts for 9.6 percent of the gross domestic product, 12.4 percent of the manufacturing production, 9.4 percent of services – indicative of the region’s keen production capacities, President Karimov said.

Major enterprises in sectors like the fuel-energy complex, chemical, petrochemical and construction industries, agricultural goods reprocessing are operating in the Tashkent region. One can cite as an example the modern plant for the production of automobile engines. The factory, built here jointly with the renowned American corporation General Motors, is unique to the Commonwealth of Independent States. In addition, the province and the nation at large benefit from major industrial complexes in the cities of Chirchik, Almalyk, Bekabad.

President Islam Karimov stressed the achievements made in the region across sectors; at the same time he drew the attention of meeting participants to the existing shortcomings and expounded on priority tasks for future action.

Managerial issues were also on the agenda of the session. Thus, Rustam Kholmatov has been dismissed as hokim (governor) of the Tashkent region.

The President of Uzbekistan nominated Ahmad T. Usmanov, hokim of Andijan region, for the position of hokim of the Tashkent province. Usmanov has been effectively elected to the proposed post.

Representatives of the wider public invited to the session took floor at the occasion. Chairman of the Chinaz district branch of the Nuroniy Fund Mirahmad Davronov, chief of the Mustaqil Uzbekiston farmer enterprise in Buka district Rahmon Saidov, student of the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent Olimjon Tuychiev, director of the general school no.1 in Pskent district Marhabo Kurbonova noted that in his speech, President Karimov presented a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the critical priority objectives of the socio-economic development in Tashkent region, and defined the forthcoming imperative tasks. They underscored that the residents of the province would keep laboring selflessly to raise the effectiveness of reforms and the steadfast materialization of programs adopted in all spheres and economy sectors. (Source: Press service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan).



Comfortable dwelling grows throughout the country

As of the launch of the program on construction of standard design housing more than two thousand comfortable houses have been built in Farghona region.

To date, modern housing areas have grown in Beshariq, Uzbekiston, Farghona, Oltiariq and Toshloq districts. Laying of engineering, transport and communication networks is underway; social and market infrastructure is being developed, housing areas are being expanded and improved.

It is appropriate to note that specific features of the regions are taken into account when building modern houses. Specialists constantly work on improvement and enhancement of the projects. They have made some changes with an eye to the requirements of the time. Now, unlike previous projects, the room height is 3.2 meters, the floorspace of bedrooms, kitchen, living room and bathroom has increased. In addition, the houses are supplemented with carports. 

“850 single-family homes, a range of social and market infrastructure facilities will be built this year in 31 rural residential areas of the Farghona region,” says Bahodir Supiev, Director of Farghona regional branch of specialized subsidiary engineering company Qishloqqurilishinvest. “The construction companies, which passed the tender-based selection, currently carry on the active construction. Many families are expecting new houses in the nearest future.” (Source: Uzbekistan Today Newspaper).



Uzbekistan approves programme of road repairing for 2013

The Government of Uzbekistan approved a programme for capital repair of automobile roads of general use of international and state importance for 2013.

The programme for capital repair of automobile roads of general use of international and state importance for 2013 was approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan.

According to the programme, Uzbekistan will repair 210.3 km of roads of general use of international and state importance and 305.6 meters of bridges.

The resolution said that Uzbekistan will direct 260 billion soums (official exchange rate of 03.04.2013 $1=2044.27 UZS) to realization of projects, included to the programme. Republican Road Fund under Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan will allocate funds to implementation of the programme.

In particular, the Government is planning to issue over 202.054 billion soums to capital repair of automobile roads of the state importance and 46.546 billion soums on capital repair of roads of international importance.

Republican Road Fund will issue 11.4 billion soums to payment of remaining part at the size of 5$ from objects of capital and medium repair after guarantee term and bill payable expired. (Source: UzDaily.com).



According to Avicenna’s Canon

A line of modern pharmaceuticals will be developed on the basis of the data of Abu Ali Ibn Sino’s Canon of Medicine. Bukhoro State Medical Institute has embarked on the project’s implementation.

The new project will involve almost the entire faculty of the institute. For effective work special groups are currently being established, each of which will be responsible for a certain section.

“The works of our compatriot Abu Ali ibn Sino are unique. They cover almost all diseases of people of different ages. The healer offers the treatment based on herbs, tinctures and other remedies made of natural raw materials. Meanwhile, as the modern pharmaceutical industry is evolving, many recipes have been forgotten,” said Bahodir Safaev, Vice Chancellor for Science. “At present, we have decided to revive these medicines as an alternative to commonly used drugs. That would significantly expand the capacity of doctors.

Reconstituted drugs will be subject to all phases of manufacture of modern medicines. The samples will undergo thorough pre-clinical and clinical trials; their properties will be scrupulously studied; special application guidelines will be developed. We are going to establish their manufacture upon all licensing procedures in the Ministry of Health. Building of production facilities at the institute’s premises is currently negotiated (Source: Uzbekistan Today Newspaper).

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