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Export Vectors. 1

Samarkand solar station to be one of largest in region. 1


Experimental Approbation of Legislative Decisions. 2

Great Creative Works of Amir Temur. 2


Export Vectors

30 new companies in the field of light industry will be created this year

Last year, the enterprises of the light industry of Uzbekistan exported US$705.3m (USD/UZS-2049.18)  worth production to 49 countries.

Every year, the country's light industry expands its exports of goods and identifies new potential markets. Just last year, the list of importers of domestic products added Brazil, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Peru, France and other countries. Well proven practice demonstration and promotion of domestic brands in the international specialized exhibitions. To identify new markets, enterprise companies took part in international fairs in Russia, the Baltic Countries, Turkey and Malaysia. Now, there are more than 55 dealerships structures were established all over the world to sell productions of companies of the Uzbekyengilsanoat State Stock Company.

It is noteworthy that last year 35% of the total exports amounted to finished products. This figure rose to 25% compared with 2011. On the whole, enterprises of the Uzbekyengilsanoat State Stock Company produced industrial products to more than 1.73 trillion soums, including consumer goods for 607.2 billion soums.

These figures are the result of the hard work of the light industry. Only in 2009-2012 there were 101 enterprises created with the assistance of US$506.2m investments. In 2013, establishing of another 30 companies is planned with the creation of over 5,500 new jobs. In the framework of development regions of the country for 2013-2016, the implementation of 1,629 projects with a total value of US$1.28b is envisaged with creation of 63,194 new jobs.

The organization of sewing shops in all the cities and regions of the country is also planned with a capacity of at least 200 units of sewing equipment. With the successful implementation of this program, 41.935 units of sewing equipment with producing of 241.9 million pieces of products worth 564.2 billion soums will be set. For this the spending of US$90.8m is planned, of which US$35.1m – of local initiators of the project, US$5.7m - foreign investments and US$50.1m - loans of commercial banks. (Source: Uzbekistan Today newspaper).


Samarkand solar station to be one of largest in region

Samarkand photoelectric power station will become one of the largest in the Central Asian region, the head of press service of Uzbekenergo state joint stock company Jasur Nurdinov said.

Nurdinov in article, published at Pravda Vostoka newspaper, the construction of photoelectric power station with the capacity of 100 megawatt is one of ambitious projects.

He said that Uzbekistan carried out research for a long time to determine venue for implementation of the project.

Jasur Nurdinov said in the result Samarkand region was selected as the future locations of the station. Construction of power station demonstrates huge potential of solar energy in Uzbekistan. The technology will provide electricity to population and industrial enterprises, he noted.

Samarkand photoelectric power station will become one of the largest in the region. Its capacity will be able to supply electricity to 10 million lamps within 24 hours. In other words, it will be able supply electricity to mid-size city.

As earlier reported, Uzbekenergo started to develop preliminary project. The company plans to prepare project’s feasibility study by the end of 2013 and start construction in 2014.

The preliminary cost of the project is US$500 million and will be financed due to foreign loans and resources of the Uzbek side.

Uzbekistan has great opportunities to develop alternative sources of energy. There are 300 sunny days in Uzbekistan a year, which can be used to produce solar energy.

Potential of solar energy in Uzbekistan is rated at 50.973 billion tonnes of oil equivalent, which makes up 99.7% of all studied renewable energy sources. (Source:UzDaily.com).



Experimental Approbation of Legislative Decisions

A new legal practice is being introduced into the work of the Parliament

The Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan has put forward an initiative for introduction of legal experiment – a new method for the national legal practice. The MPs initiative was supported by the head of state, and the President signed a decree which determines order and conditions of the legal experiment on the approbation of the draft Law on Openness of Activity of Public Authorities and Administration. The Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis conducted an organizational meeting of the working committee for its conduct.

Members of the working committee of the number of deputies in the Lower House of Parliament, senior officials of the governmental organs and administration, the Hokimiyats of Bukhoro and Samarqand regions, representatives of the media and civil society – discussed issues of organizational support for legal experiment, which would be held later this year in Bukhoro and Samarqand regions.

To recall, the initiative for the development and adoption of the law on openness of public authorities and administration was proposed in the Concept of further deepening democratic reforms and formation of civil society in the country. The new law defines the procedures for informing the public about the activities of public authorities, provides for better access, public associations to information about decisions, especially those that affect the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens. Legal experiment will test the effectiveness in practice of the provisions of the bill.

To explain: the essence of the experiment is that the bill will be tested within real activities of the public authorities and administration of particular provinces, districts and towns. Its members, in addition to governmental agencies of Bukhara and Samarkand regions are also the media, civil society, individuals and legal entities interested in receiving information about their activities. Such a method of guaranteeing the freedom of expression and information is used for the first time and, according to the participants of the meeting, will enhance the implementation of the constitutional rights of citizens in the field of information.

The experiment will also test various mechanisms of self-regulation of professional activity of journalists in order to improve its quality and effectiveness.

“We, as representatives of NGO in information sphere are very interested in that, during the rule of the experiment have been worked out, and subsequently were widely reflected in the law of the appropriate mechanisms to ensure the media and civil society’s access to information,” Chairman of the Union of Journalists Sherzod Guliamov said in his interview. “It is important that the provisions of the draft law and the regulations of the legal right to determine the responsibilities of the experiment onto the actual heads of public authorities and administration to actively participate in the processes of public information. This will create the conditions for their close relationships with the media and will be a basis for filling the national information space with relevant and reliable information.”

Indeed, in accordance with the rules of conducting the legal experiment, obligations of public authorities and administration to ensure the openness of their activity are also strictly regulated. It is established that the request of individuals and entities subject to review within a period not more than fifteen days from the date of its registration. A media inquiry on the activities of the subjects of the experiment, organizing interviews with officials considered within a period not exceeding seven days. In this case, requests for information can be made either in writing, including electronic and oral.

Measures aimed at complex implementation of tasks on the bill approbation are identified. A specialized website will be created, where everyone can see the progress of the approbation of the bill, to participate in the discussion of its provisions, and the members of the media - to get an update with literature on the subjects of legal experiment. (Source: Uzbekistan Today newspaper).


Great Creative Works of Amir Temur

A scientific and practical conference on the theme "Implementation of enormous creative works in the country of the great Amir Temur" dedicated to the 677th anniversary of Amir Temur in 9th April took place in Shahrisabz.

During the conference, it was noted that a strong centralized state founded by our great ancestor had a high reputation in the international political, economic and cultural life of those times.

The event participants also mentioned that the majestic buildings commissioned in the epoch of Amir Temur and the Temurids, today also amaze the whole world as unique pearls of oriental architecture.

A report by scientist from France Celine Olingue on "The Uzbek-French cooperation in the reconstruction of the tiles in the courtyard of Oqsaroy" arouse great interest among the participants.

Reports on the creative works carried out in the period of Amir Temur were heard in the conference.


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25th Anniversary of the Independence of Uzbekistan

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