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Amir Temur is one of the most outstanding figures in the history of uzbek nation. 1

Festival of Traditional Culture “Asrlar Sadosi” (“Echo of Ages”) 2

Sarmishsai Countdown Stirs Mood. 2

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517,000  foreign tourists visit Uzbekistan in 2012. 3


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The banking system to finance businesses

This year, the commercial banks of Uzbekistan plans to allocate more than 6 trillion soums in support of businesses.

In the capital, a press conference was held on the role of the banking system in the enforcement of the State Program "Year of Well-being and Prosperity”. According to experts, today, the efficient development of small business and private entrepreneurship farming movement, employment and the growth of its revenues depend on largely on the banking system of the country, which is rightly called “lifeblood of the economy”.

The system, when small business is the engine of the economy, creating jobs for local banks entrusted with the task of creating the conditions for its effective lending and financial support. Therefore, banks are paying so much attention to the development and implementation of special programs to support small business and private entrepreneurship, especially those in the family business, finance business projects and business women graduates.

This year, commercial banks plan to provide loans to entrepreneurs worth more than 6 trillion soums, of which 1.2 trillion soums (USD/UZS-2049.18) amount to microcredit. A significant amount - 540 billion soums will support women entrepreneurs, 110.1 billion soums - for development of family businesses, arts and crafts, 53.5 billion soums - to finance business projects graduates of professional colleges. A particular attention will be paid to the agricultural sector. For subsidiary and peasant farms 106 billion soums will be allocated to increase agricultural production and cattle purchase.

Through bank loans in the amount of 47.6 billion soums thousands of acres of old orchards and vineyards will be restored, as well as new ones to be established. In addition, the establishment in each district of at least 10 poultry farms, 500 bee colonies as well as at least 30-40 fish farms in every region are planned. For these purposes, the banks will allocate 145.9 billion soums, which will provide tens of thousands of villagers to work.

The industry is not be left unattended. Textile enterprises of deep processing of raw materials and full production cycle envisaged to run in eight labor-surplus areas, and in 45 districts - compact modern factory for the production of garments. For these purposes, the commercial banks are planning to allocate 155.3 billion soums of credits. Another activity - financial support of 288 projects on reconstruction and modernization of existing enterprises, as well as the creation of new capacity for increased processing of agricultural products, the expansion of consumer food products. For these, domestic banks will allocate 47 billion soum loans.

The Program of "Houses to Young Families”, which has proven its efficiency in the past year, will be continued. In particular, before the end of 2013, 105 multi-family homes, as well as about 10.000 homes on the model projects in rural areas will be built in the regions. For that, all the necessary accompanying transport, engineering, communication and social infrastructures will be set up. In general, this year, the banks will allocate 16 billion soums to the creation of modern facilities for the public services in the rural areas.  (Source: Uzbekistan Today newspaper).



Amir Temur is one of the most outstanding figures in the history of uzbek nation.

After gaining independence, in the process of spiritual rebirth and renewal under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, the glorious name of Amir Temur, his rich historical heritage have been restored. 1996 was declared the Year of Amir Temur in our country, his 660th anniversary was celebrated internationally, the great monuments of Temur were mounted in Tashkent, Samarkand and Shakhrisabz. A museum, a fund and an order were initiated to glorify the personality of Temur. On the initiative and with a foreword by the head of state, the "Codes of Temur" were reprinted in 2011.

In the years of independence, the country widely celebrates the birthday of Amir Temur each year.

According to tradition, a grand festivity to celebrate his 677th birthday was held in the central Amir Temur park in Tashkent on April 9. It was attended by members of parliament, representatives of ministries and agencies, writers, poets, scholars, students, general public and the diplomatic corps, accredited in our country.

Chairman of the International Fund of Amir Temur Nozim Khabibullaev, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Italy to Uzbekistan Riccardo Manara, writer Normurod Norqobilov, Professor (PhD in Architecture) Dodo Nozilov underlined that a great attention to studying the deep heritage of Amir Temur is paid in the process of spiritual education under the guidance of President Islam Karimov. Sahib Qiron was not only the founder of one of the most powerful states in the world, the patron of science, culture and spirituality, but also had a great impact on the historical events in Asia and Europe, making an invaluable contribution to the development of world civilization.

President Islam Karimov in the preface to the latest edition of "The codes of Temur" notes that “…our great ancestor, the eminent creator and commander, was deeply aware that the power lies in justice, harmony and partnership rather than violence. His rare talent to run the state affairs, to find a way out of any difficult situation, a unique way of thinking astonishes any human being.”

There is a growing interest in the world to Sahib Qiran’s personality. New works, researches on outstanding personality of Amir Temur, his childhood and development years, the conditions that formed him as a statesman, a great invincible general are appearing all the time.

The actor of the Uzbek national academic drama theater Tolib Muminov read a monologue of Temur from the "Amir Temur" drama, written by the Hero of Uzbekistan, national poet Abdulla Aripov.

The event was attended by the State Advisor to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan H.Sultanov, Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan E.Basithanova, Tashkent city mayor R.Usmanov.


On the same day a scientific conference on the "science and culture in the Timurid era" was held at the State Museum of Timurids’history.

Various exhibitions, seminars, conference and other events dedicated to Amir Temur’s 677th anniversary took place in all regions of Uzbekistan. .  (Source: UzA).


Festival of Traditional Culture “Asrlar Sadosi” (“Echo of Ages”)

Sarmishsai Countdown Stirs Mood

Under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, extensive efforts have been on track across Uzbekistan to revive the priceless cultural and spiritual heritage of our nation, perpetuate and promote the ancient traditions and values.

This noble endeavor has facilitated the growth in the apprehension of deep roots of our people’s cultural and spiritual development, the worldwide demonstration of our national culture, customs and traditions, which have been carefully preserved and consistently advanced. Instrumental in this respect is the “Asrlar Sadosi” (Echo of Ages) festival that has already become a tradition. This year, the fair is due in the Sarmishsai gorge in Navoi region’s Navbahor district.

This natural reserve is an invaluable monument of our history and is one of the seats of the human civilization origins. The cliffs and rocks on both banks of the sai (brook) are adorned with more than ten thousand petroglyphs, a source of noteworthy idea about the stages of human evolution in antiquity. Remarkably, the rock imagery narrates the process of hunting, obtaining fire and the like.

The masterly engraved paintings on rocks are suggestive of the high level of artistic and cultural development in our country from the earliest times.

“Sarmishsai is an extraordinary and inestimable treasury of knowledge and skill of our forefathers, it is a pearl of our culture,” says Ramazon Egamov, director of the regional museum of local history.

“In particular, the system of terrace location of areas under crops and the practice of effective water use point to a high level of agricultural development in this corner of the world. Meanwhile, the Kampir Uldi rock painting that depicts a “mourning dance” of a young man and woman, their carefully designed dazzling costumes tied up in a flock are suggestive of the advanced dance art and the culture in general in our land from the most ancient times. The remains of mills discovered in the gorge give evidence to a prosperous and decent life of the people of those ages.”

The archeological research of the ruins of stone barriers and defense walls found in the upper part of the canyon testify to the existence of a system of terrain protection. There were also land and property relations in this part of the region.

Vigorous preparations are currently underway in Sarmishsai for the upcoming “Asrlar Sadosi” sixth traditional festival of culture that is to include an extensive demonstration of magnificent patterns of national culture. The mountain cleft has been looking forward to reputably meeting the local and foreign visitors and providing model services. Notably, in order to add to the natural beauty of this tourist attraction, a great variety of decorative trees have been planted along the banks of the sai, and new bridges have been built.

Massive engineering and beautification works are in progress to renew the Navoi train station and international airport as well as highways and inner motor roads. Extensive creative efforts are being undertaken in Navbahor, Nurata and Karmana districts; new services and trade facilities are being built. Grounds are being prepared for folk games like “ulok”, “kuchkor urishtirish”, “dor uyin” expected to be organized within the forthcoming culture fiesta.

In order to secure a high level of festival organization, diverse competitions are being arranged, including review contests among artistic creative groups, bakhshi, lapar and ulan singers from all districts and urban centers of Navoi region. Also, masters of folk trades have been preparing to display their works and goods. (Source: UzA).



517,000  foreign tourists visit Uzbekistan in 2012

About 1.9 million foreign citizens, including 517,000 tourists, paid a visit to Uzbekistan in 2012, deputy chairperson of Uzbektourism Anvar Temurkhodjaev said quoting official statistics.

Anvar Temurkhodjaev said that the growth of tourism services in Uzbekistan reached 38.9%, service to tourists – 17.5% and service exports – 15.1%.

Experts note that historic programmes, which include familiarization with historic heritage, traditions and culture of Uzbek people, as well as nature, attract foreign guests to Uzbekistan. Active types of tourism, ecologic tours and extreme sports also attract people to Uzbekistan, Narodnoye Slovo reported.

Anvar Temurkhodjaev said that the Uzbek specialists are continuing work on development of programmes directed at developing infrastructure. Uzbekistan plans to develop hotels, cmapings, road side tourism points, etc.

On 20 March 2013, Uzbek President signed a resolution “On measures on development of tourism in Khorezm region for 2013-2015”, which envisages complex development of tourism sector in the region.

He added that Uzbekistan also works on creation of state programmes on tourism development, which determines national strategy for ensuring sustainable development of the tourism sector for long-term perspective.

He stated that Uzbekistan will implement several measures directed at increasing tourists’ inflow. Each quarter, foreign tour operators and journalists will be invited to study tours to Uzbekistan.

In April, Tashkent will host an international exhibition “World of Leisure 2013”, which will also present national cuisine of Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan will also show video about the country at foreign TV stations and distribute advertisement materials.

Uzbekistan Travel Workshop-2013, a regional forum, will be held in Khiva in summer, which will be directed at developing internal tourism. The work on creation of regional infrastructure development programmes is underway. Uzbekistan also works on improvement of specialists’ training. (Source: UzDaily.com)

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