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Surkhan-Darya region

The general information

The Surkhan-Darya region was founded on March, 6th 1941. The Region is situated in the southern part of the Republic Uzbekistan, in Surhan-Sherobad to a valley. Bordered in Amu Darya in south of the river with Afghanistan, in the north-east with the Republic of Tajikistan, in the south-west with Turkmenistan, in the north-west -with the Kashkadariya region.

The territory of the region consists 20,1 thousand square kilometers. The population is more than 2,1 million persons. The region consists of 13 administrative areas, 8 cities, with an administrative center - the city of Termez.

Region's climate sub continental with warm winter and hot, dry long summer when the temperature often reaches in the afternoon 44-46 degrees.

High summer temperatures in frost-free period under irrigation conditions promote maturing here hemophilic subtropical cultures of a fine-fibered cotton, east persimmon and even a sugar cane.


Economic development of the Surkhan-Darya Region

Following the results of 2011 BPF! the Surkhan-Darya area has made 2911,7 billion or 110,9 % to a record the year 2010. In structure VRP prevails the agriculture (38,9 %), which main branches are cotton growing, sericulture, gardening, grain growing, transport and communication 12,9 %, trade and catering 9,7 %, building 8,2 %, the industry 8,1 %, taxes 4,3 % and others 17,9 %.

2011th year for the region has been collected over 614,0 thousand tons of grain and 348,9 thousand tons of a clap-raw. Also it has been made 1,5 thousand tons of cocoons, 82,9 thousand tons melon fields, 95,1 thousand tons of grapes and 590,1 thousand tons of fruit-and-vegetable production, including 101,5 thousand tons of fruit, 343,5 thousand tons of vegetables and 145,1 thousand tons of a potato.

And also, In 2011, the region produced 120 thousand tons of meat, 567,6 thousand tons of milk, 171,7 million of eggs.

Taking into consideration a considerable role of agro industrial sector in regional economy, a perspective direction is the organization of joint manufactures with foreign partners in processing of agricultural production.


Foreign economic activity

According to statistical facts, the foreign trade turnover of the region up to 2011th year is 287,2 million dollars of the USA, export has made the sum at a rate of 203,8 million dollars of the USA, and import - 83,5 million dollars of the USA. The high positive balance (120,3 mln. dollars of the USA) managed to achieve basically at the expense of increase in export of a clap fiber, and also growth of export of a foodstuff, agricultural products and services.

The cotton-fiber - 107,9 million dollars of the USA that makes 52,9 % from the general indicator of export of area, and also a foodstuff 65 million dollars of the USA was basic articles of export as it was already mentioned, made 31,9 % And energy of 6,7 million US dollar that makes 3,3 % of all export of the area.


Foreign investments

Following the results of 2011th year, in the Surkhan-Darya region was registered 51 enterprises with foreign investments. Including 27 of them are carrying out their activities in industrial sphere, 9 ֊ trade and public catering, 6 - in sphere of transport and telecommunication services, 3 - specializes in building, 2 - agriculture and 4 ֊ other.

Joint ventures of foreign trade carried out the foreign trade turnover for the sum of 23,4 million dollars of the USA. The total sum of export of the joint venture has made 21 million dollars of the USA, and import has made 2,4 million dollars of the USA.

Total exports of joint ventures for 2011 year is 10,3 % of all regional export, joint venture import occupies 2,9% of all import of the region.


The natural resource base of the region

In the Surkhan-Darya region are revealed more than 300 deposits, displays and exits of more than 40 kinds of minerals. Bowels of the Surkhan-Darya region have industrial stocks of coal, oil, natural gas, salt, phosphorites, plaster, non-ferrous and precious metals, etc.

In region about 30 % inferred resources of potash salts and 25 % of fluorspar are concentrated, considerable resources of phosphorites, bentonite clay, glauconite, glass, raw materials are revealed. There are good preconditions for detection of a deposit of tungsten, mercury, precious metals, semiprecious raw materials, zeolite, sulfurs, etc. It also produces about 90% of the national production of potash salt, 10.3% ־ a brick, 5.9% ֊ 0.9% and non- metallic - expanded clay.

The basic stocks of a mineral-source of raw materials of the region are concentrated in Sherabad area (Mountain "Етимтоћ" is located near the village of Aktash). Presented firmly cemented poorly rounded dark grey calcareous breccia's. Extent of an exit on a surface more than 1500 m, width - 450 m, depth - 50 m (according to drilling of 1972 capacity limy брекчий 30-90). Resources are estimated more than in 34 million M3. Display of plasters Акташ is located in 4 km to the southeast from settlement of Aktash. It is presented by four layers of plasters capacity 0,5-5,0 light grey, cryptocrystalline, saccharoidal . Extent of an exit on a surface from 500 m to 1500 m. Resources to depth of 50 m are estimated in 750 thousand м3, a granite ֊ 1769 thousand м3, salt калиевая - 69,9 million ton., limestone and cement raw materials of 122,3 million ton. And 29,5 million ton.), Sariassiyis (marble - 5000,0 thousand м3, coal - Shargunsky is estimated 200 million ton.), Bajsunsky (coal - 9,8 million th.) areas.


Water resources

Surkhan-Darya is the main waterway of area and it is formed from merge of the rivers Tupolang and Kara tag, originating in Hissar

mountains. The general extent -175 kilometers, the whole area ֊ 13,5 thousand square kilometers. There are also such small rivers as Sherabaddarya, Dashnabad, Obizarang, Sangardak, Hodzhaipak, etc. System of water reservoir area are Southern Surhan and Uchkizil. Numerous of channels includung Sherobod, Amu Zangsky, Jarkurgan, Zhang, Hazarbag, Okkapchigay, Kumkurgan.


The Investment climate

The favorable investment climate is created and reliable guarantees are given to foreign investors. Today at the expense of extensive system of tax privileges and preferences for investors the climate even more attractive, than for the national producers.

The favorable investment climate is based on a number of the accepted acts - "About guarantees and measures of protection of the rights of foreign investors», the Republic of Uzbekistan Law «About foreign investments», the Decree of the President «About additional stimulus and privileges given to the enterprises with foreign investments», «About additional measures on stimulation of export of production made by the enterprises with foreign investments» and a number of others. It is necessary to notice, that the Law «About guarantees to foreign investors» also provides protection of foreign investments within the next ten years after investment from changes in the legislation, worsening investment conditions.

With a view of the further improvement of an investment climate in the country, wide attraction of private direct foreign investments for realization of programs of privatization, modernization and reconstruction of manufacture, creation of new workplaces in republic regions, and maintenance of a reliable legal protection and guarantees for foreign investors the President of Republic Uzbekistan has been accepted on April, 11th, 2005 the Decree «About additional measures on stimulation of attraction of direct private foreign investments».

According to the Decree, since July, 1st, 2005 foreign investors, in addition to operating privileges and преференциям,

are released from payment of taxes, including the tax to the income, the tax to property, the uniform tax for micro firms and small enterprises, the tax to developments of a social infrastructure, the tax in road fund and the ecological tax.

According to the Decree side benefits and guarantees are given to foreign investors:

-  Percent on the long-term credits involved with the enterprises with foreign investments without a guarantee of Republic Uzbekistan, do not join in taxable base at calculation of the tax to the income (profit);

-  Losses from the primary activity, arising at again created enterprises with foreign investments, are transferred for the term up to 5 years by equal shares for repayment at the expense of the taxable income to the years following the accounting period in which the loss has been received;

-  At deterioration of conditions of investment by the subsequent legislation given with point 1 of the present Decree of a privilege operate during all term on which they are given.


The investment design Offers on cooperation

Priority directions of the further development of area are creation new and modernization of the operating enterprises by attraction of foreign investments.

In the Surkhan-Darya area it is developed more 30 investment offers with a view of attraction of foreign investments.

In particular, investment offers of the organization of co- production on such spheres as

Textile manufacture (manufacture of a yarn, a cloth, knitted products etc.), is offered 11 projects for the sum 74,4 million dollars in Sariasinsky, Shurchi, Denau, Muzrabat and Zharkurgan areas,

Including the project for the sum 8,8 million dollars in Shurchi area the organization of manufacture of a yarn on the basis of a farm "UJepMyxaMMaA6o6o״ where there is unfinished building for spinning and weaving factory.

Manufacture of building materials (cement, plaster, gypsum plasterboard, limestone, a granite and д.р.) 5 projects for the sum more than 300 million dollars.

To processing and storages of fruit-and-vegetable production 5 projects for a total sum of 6 million dollars in Sariasiya, Denau, Oltinsay, Termez, Kizirik areas

The organization of manufacture of 70 thousand tons iodized food and technical salt on the basis of joint-stock company «Khujaikon the AS» in Sherabad area for the sum 6,7 million dollars.

In the chemical industry the project on manufacture каустической soda for the sum of 25 million dollars of Sherabad area capacity of 20 thousand ton in a year

Mechanical engineering and repair the project for the 10 million sum dollars manufacture of electro technical production for the sum 15 million dollars. In the city of Termez production of porcelain in the area of Sherabad project worth 500 thousand dollars, 3 projects for the production of furniture in Termez, Denau, Shurchin districts in the amount of $ 3 million.

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