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Leather and footwear industry of Uzbekistan intends to produce output worth $1.68 billion in the next four years

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with leading scientists of our country on the eve of the New Year- on 30 December 2016

Members of the government, heads of ministries and agencies, state and public organizations, commercial banks, members of the Academy of sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, rectors of leading higher educational institutions attended the meeting.

The Head of our state congratulated the attendees with the upcoming New year and noted that under the leadership of First President of our country Islam Karimov, a huge attention was paid to strengthening the integration of science and industry, development of the education system, innovation economy. The time itself requires to elevate the scientific development, as all spheres of life, to a new level, since it’s difficult to solve the topical tasks in front of the society without science. A comprehensive support of science and scientists is one of the priority tasks of our state.

The works in this area have been continuing steadily and on a systemic way. The recent decree of the Head of our state Shavkat Mirziyoyev “On measures to further improve and stimulate the activity of academicians of the Academy of sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan” determines a row of significant measures on further developing and strengthening the scientific potential of the country, strengthening the role of science in social-economic development, comprehensive support of the activity of academicians, stimulating training of highly qualified scientific staff.

Engaging in science, discovering and inventing something new is an extremely hard work, President of Uzbekistan said. The efforts of our scientists, working in this difficult sphere with dedication, deserve every support.

The development of our country and society in correspondence with modern requirements is hard to imagine without science. Fundamental studies play an important role in the development of science. It is through them knowledge is accumulated and theories are formed, a solid foundation for advanced applied research and innovative developments is created.

The studies, conducted in our country, not always meet the current high level of scientific development.

In order to implement highly technologies scientific products in practice, it’s necessary to establish new modern research and development units, organizations and innovations centres. Marketing and licencing services do not correspond to required levels. This affects broad implementation of scientific-innovative products in our country.

An important significance of further deepening the integration of science, education and industry was particularly underlined. Providing benefits and preferences to the enterprises, introducing new technologies are an important factor in increasing the number of companies, investing in science.

Available scientific potential and the funds should be directed towards priority studies, aimed at solving concrete problems and at the orders of the spheres of the economy.

The time itself requires further development of scientific cooperation with leading world institutions, universities, scientific centres and academies of sciences, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said. The necessity to create optimal conditions for our compatriots, who received education and scientific degrees at the leading foreign educational and scientific institutions, comprehensive stimulation of their scientific works, was particularly underscored.

Our country has many scientists with high potential, acknowledged worldwide. They have to establish their schools. The first phase of educating scientists- school education needs radical improvement. We have to ensure the continuity of the training process of scientific personnel and highly qualified specialists. We will not spare anything for this purpose, President said.

The representatives of scientific community particularly underlined that the proposals, put forward during the pre-election meetings of Shavkat Mirziyoyev, especially on establishing modern technoparks, an Innovation centre in Academician’s quarter with a status of free economic territory, will support increase of competitiveness of scientific-research institutes, educational institutions and manufacturers, attracting domestic and foreign investors into this sphere.

President of the Academy of sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.Salikhov, academicians A.Kayumov, M.Salokhiddinov. R.Ubaydullaeva, S.Rashidova, A.Glushenkova, T.Daminov, J.Bazarbaev, B.Yuldashev, B.Nazarov and others noted that recent decree of President of our country will play an important role in developing the sphere and expressed their opinions and proposals on further development of science and innovative activity. They expressed sincere gratitude to the President of our country for the attention to scientists and stimulating their work.

President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev particularly highlighted that science has a very important place in developing all spheres of the economy, in this regard the state relies on, first of all, the Academy of sciences. Integration of science and industry has a very important significance today as never before. The Head of our state once again congratulated all attendees of the meeting with the New Year.

 (Source: UzA)


Leather and footwear industry of Uzbekistan intends to produce output worth $1.68 billion in the next four years

This would rank the country among the CIS leaders in the production of footwear and leather goods. At the same time, it is planned to export significant lots of manufactured goods to neighboring countries, as well as expand exports to Russia, Turkey and China, and explore new markets, including the European Union nations.

New challenges for the industry have been identified by the recently developed and approved ‘Program of measures on the further development of the leather and footwear industry for 2020’. It envisages the construction of new manufactures of promising export-oriented goods. However, it is feasible through channeling foreign investments and technologies. Currently, the Uzbek side is looking into options to deepen relations with businessmen from Russia, China and Turkey, who have a solid experience in this field.

The industry is also working over some projects with several European business partners, including those from Italy, France and Spain.

In the next four years, it is planned to produce a total of over 29.1 million pairs of shoes, 2.99 billion square decimeters of leather, and various leather goods for $35.6 million. Meanwhile, the estimates may be significantly exceeded in case of effective use of the capacities available.

To date, the Uzbek side has already developed several investment projects with the involvement of local and foreign investors. For example, it is planned to implement 59 projects totaling $76.5 million by 2020. Crucially, 37 of them will be focused on the establishment of new capacities (about $60 million), and the rest 22 projects will envisage the modernization and reconstruction of existing facilities (over $16 million).

The overhaul of the leather factory ‘MM Goodwill’ costing over $1 million is a successful example of investment project this year. The investments have enabled the company to launch additional processing capacity of 3 million square decimeters of leather raw materials.

The industry has scheduled the implementation of 11 investment projects totaling $6.7 million, and creation of 385 jobs next year.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Well-Deserved Awards

Perhaps the most striking event of the outgoing year in the sports life of Uzbekistan was the triumphant performance of the nation’s Olympic and Paralympic teams in Rio de Janeiro. The country had never seen such an abundance of medals.

In Summer Olympics, Uzbekistan made its debut as an independent country in 1996 at the XXVI Games in Atlanta. In total, our athletes managed to win 31 medals, five of them gold, in the Olympics in Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London. At the last Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the Uzbek sportspeople broke all their records – the bank of our sports delegation was filled by 13 medals: four gold, two silver, and seven bronze. In the overall standings, Uzbekistan came 21st out of 207 countries.

That was the best result of the participation of our country’s athletes in six Olympic Games. The achievements surpassed those reached twelve years ago. Worth reminding that in Athens, Greece, our athletes were on the 34th position with five awards – two gold, a silver and two bronze medals.

Boxers, who returned with eight medals out of 11 members of the delegation, excelled this time in the national team. Also pleased with awards the representatives of Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestlers, judokas and weightlifters.

Quite brilliant was the performance of 32 our Paralympians who have returned home with 31 medals, with six world, seven Paralympics and 12 Asian records. Having won eight gold, six silver and 17 bronze medals, Uzbekistan’s Paralympians came 16th in the overall medal standings (by number of medals – 12th), took the 1st place among the countries of Central Asia, the 2nd in the CIS (after Ukraine, represented by 171 athletes) and 2nd in Asia (after the largest team – China, with 326 athletes).

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

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