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Brief information about the procedure of consular legalization in the Republic of Uzbekistan

Consular legalization means identification and certification of signatures on documents and acts as well as examination of such documents and regulations in order to verify their compliance with the laws of the host country. Consular legalization confirms the competency of the documents and acts in the international dialogue.
Functions of consular legalization are implemented:

a) by the consular missions of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad;

b)by the Consular department of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The consul accepts documents and acts, which are certified by the authorities of consular district or outgoing from those authorities.

Consular department of the MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan will legalize documents and acts, issued in foreign organizations and institutions and legalized by the foreign diplomatic representatives or consular missions that accredited in the Republic of Uzbekistan and in the Russian Federation, in the presence of samples of signatures and the seals of those foreign diplomatic representatives.

Consular department will legalize also documents and acts issued in the organizations and establishments of the Republic of Uzbekistan that for the presentation abroad.

Legalizations ignore documents and acts, which contradict the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, or can harm interests of the countryunder the maintenanceor completed with infringement of the instructions that regulating the preparation of papers, assigned for use abroad, or contain the data discrediting honor and advantage of citizens.

Originals and copies of the following documents cannot be legalized: passports, documents on the party membership, trade-union cards, workbooks, military identity cards, and original certificates of local education, a driving license, documents about the belonging to estates and creeds as well as other documents on the property withdrawn from civil circulation.

Physical and legal persons pay consular fee for fulfillment of the action on legalization of documents and acts, in accordance with resolution of Cabinet of Ministers No-423 and actual expenses.

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