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Close and Reliable Partnership

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Meeting with Parliamentary Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan

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Uzbekistan Wins Japan 1:0


National Team of Uzbekistan has played against the team of Japan and finished the third qualifying round of Asia as a leader of the group C 1:0.

A special attention under the leadership of President Islam Karimov is paid to the development of football in Uzbekistan. Evidence of this is the victory of the Uzbekistan national team in the third Asian qualifying stage, which opened the way to the fourth, the final qualifying round, which gives the right to participate in the World Cup 2014 to be held in Brazil.

In the final match of the third qualifying round, the Uzbek masters played against the main opponent – Japan, current champion of Asia. Although the two teams have won tickets ahead of schedule at the decisive, fourth round, the current match had to determine the winner of the group.

Despite the absence of the main players of the team like Server Jeparov, Odil Ahmedov, Maksim Shatskix, Alexander Heinrich, Vadim Abramov’s wards gave battle to the strong and experienced opponent. Uzbek team which has displayed a high technology, professional excellence and fortitude, won the important meeting with a score of 1:0. Japan’s goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima made the initial save on Bakhodir Nasimov’s header, but Shadrin pounced on the rebound and slotted it home in the 53th minute.

Today’s result meant that Uzbekistan secured top position in group C with 16 points, while Japan finished second with 10. In addition, the team of Uzbekistan was the only team which missed the least number of goals in the third qualifying round.

In the second match, Tajikistan’s national team and North Korea have drawn 1:1 and won the first point in the group.

In the fourth final qualifying round, 10 best teams of the continent will be divided into two groups and compete for vouchers allocated for FIFA Asia to attend the World Cup in 2014.

Source: UzA




Days of Contemporary Japanese Films being Held in Tashkent


Days of Contemporary Japanese Films is being held in Tashkent on 13-17 March. The event is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Uzbekistan and Japan.

The event was organized by the Japanese Embassy in Uzbekistan, Japan Fund and Uzbekkino national agency at the support of Fund Forum.

At the opening ceremony, the Acting General Director of the National Agency of Uzbekkino A.Iskhakov stressed that relations between Uzbekistan and Japan, as in other spheres is consistently developing in the field of culture and art.

Cooperation between Uzbekistan and Japan in the field of cinematography is expanding. Filmmakers of the two states are actively taking part in the festivals carried out in Uzbekistan and Japan.

The Days of Contemporary Japanese Films will present five films, which tells about family relations, life style and current days in Japan.

Among them are the films “Vanko – story about me, my family and my dog”, “Hotel of Hibiscus” and “The shortest letter of mother”.

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Days of Contemporary Japanese Films to be held in Tashkent

Days of Contemporary Japanese Films will be held in Tashkent on 13-17 March 2012. The event is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Uzbekistan and Japan.

The event was organized by the Japanese Embassy in Uzbekistan, Japan Fund and Uzbekkino national agency at the support of Fund Forum.

The Days of Contemporary Japanese Films will present five films, which tells about family relations, life style and current days in Japan. (Source: UzDaily.com)



Islam Karimov Congratulates Prime Minister of Japan

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New Destinations

Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) organized in Tokyo a presentation on the tourism potential of Uzbekistan.

The presentation was attended by more than 20 Japanese tourist organizations. They got acquainted with great interest with new routes for tourists in Rishton, Jizzakh, Termez, and with information about international and local Uzbek airlines.

During the presentation, the director of JATA’s international travel department, Toshiaki Shigeta noted that the high tourism potential, rich culture and historical monuments of Uzbekistan are important factors for attracting foreign tourists.

In this regard, his deputy, Hiroshi Yanagida reported that the members of the Japan Association of Travel Agents are greatly interested in Uzbekistan and are further planning to organize regular tours for Japanese tourists.

Eiji Iwase, Director General of the Japanese tourist company AJT INC noted that his company has been working with Uzbek National Company ‘Uzbektourism’ for more than 10 years, and every year the flow of Japanese tourists in Uzbekistan steadily grows.

Director of the Japanese travel company AIR CRYSTALL INC, Taek Fushima said that in June this year she had the opportunity to visit Uzbekistan under the ‘Mega-info-tours’ program. She showed big interest in the new routes and intends to propose them to Japanese public. (Source: Ut.uz)



Gratitude message on behalf of inhabitants of Japanese Fukushima prefecture

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov received a gratitude message from the governor of Fukushima prefecture Yuheya Sato, who expressed appreciation for the condolences and humanitarian assistance provided by Uzbekistan to the residents of this region of Japan, the victims of devastating disaster of 11 March 2011.

Yuhey Sato is a sincere friend of Uzbekistan. He has visited Uzbekistan twice in 1999 and 2001.

In the message, the Governor says:

“To his excellency Mr. Islam Karimov, President of the

Republic of Uzbekistan

Dear Mr. President!

Let me express our gratitude on behalf of the residents of Fukushima prefecture, for the warm support and your letter of condolence on behalf of the people of Uzbekistan in connection with the case of an earthquake in eastern Japan.

The destructive earthquake and tsunami not only caused great damage to the prefecture, but also led to the accident at the plant “Fukushima-1” that resulted the evacuation of many residents in the area.

Currently, Japan is focusing its efforts on solving problems related to the accident at a nuclear power plant. All the inhabitants of our country united to eliminate the consequences of the unprecedented natural disaster and rebuilding shattered areas with cordial support of the Uzbek people.

We are determined to rebuild the country after a destroying catastrophe and renew the prefecture. We also endeavor to build a new, safe Fukushima.

We are hopeful of your warm support for the restoration of the prefecture and pray for a strong friendship between Uzbekistan and Japan.

Yours sincerely,

Yuhey Sato

Governor of Fukushima Prefecture.”

A huge trouble of the Japanese people did not leave anybody indifferent in all parts of Uzbekistan. President Islam Karimov on 11 March 2011 expressed his sincere condolences to the government of Japan and the people in connection with this massive tragedy, noting that Uzbekistan shared the pain and sorrow for the dead.

Government of Uzbekistan decided to send humanitarian aid to the people of Japan, much of which was delivered in Fukushima Prefecture as the most affected by the natural disaster.

Friendly ties hardening from year to year between our peoples continue to be a significant factor in the fruitful cooperation between Uzbekistan and Japan, in particular, Fukushima Prefecture.

One example of the multifaceted cooperation between Uzbekistan and Japan is the Association of Friendship “Fukushima-Uzbekistan”, which seeks to cultural and academic exchanges between the two countries.

In this prefecture, the Association for Cooperation on Agriculture “Date-Uzbekistan” was founded and successfully cooperates with the Ferghana region in the field of agriculture.

Source: UzA News Agency


Presentation at the Chamber of Commerce Shizuoka Prefecture

Promising Market

A presentation of economic and investment potential of Uzbekistan was held in Japan with the assistance of the International Association of Business Council for Economy and International Trade at the Chamber of Commerce Shizuoka Prefecture.

Japanese companies are familiar with the favorable investment conditions created in the country and the trends in small business development and entrepreneurship.

As a result of the presentation there was an exchange of views with Japanese experts. President of the economy and international trade at the Chamber of Commerce of the Shizuoka Prefecture Yusuke Kamiya said that the event provided an opportunity to enrich the knowledge about Uzbekistan and convince potential Japanese investors in the prospects of the Uzbek market.

Source: UT News Agency



Uzbekistan, Japan cooperate in customs

Uzbekistan, Japan cooperate in customs

Cooperation between Uzbekistan and Japan has been developing in political, economic, trade, investment, scientific, technical, cultural and humanitarian spheres.

Japan is one of the large investment partners of Uzbekistan. The relationship between the two countries is consistently developing in the spirit of the Joint statement on friendship, strategic partnership and cooperation signed in 2002.

Japan widely supports reforms implemented in Uzbekistan. Realization of joint projects in various areas contributes to further development of cooperation.

This week, the State Customs Committee of Uzbekistan hosted a presentation of a project to install X-ray scanning equipment at customs checkpoints on the border of Uzbekistan with neighboring countries. The project is implemented in the framework of the grant assistance of the government of Japan.

The event was attended by the chairman of the State Customs Committee of Uzbekistan Zohid Dusanov and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan Yosihisa Kuroda.

In accordance with the resolution of the President of Uzbekistan on ensuring effective use of the grant provided by the government of Japan for installing scanners at border customs points in Uzbekistan (29 January 2010), customs posts Ayritom in Surkhandarya region and Oybek in Tashkent region were equipped with X-ray scanning equipment using the grant funds.

“We are satisfied with the consistent development of cooperation between our countries,” Yosihisa Kuroda said. “We highly appreciate the efforts of Uzbekistan in ensuring peace and stability in Central Asia. The work conducted within this project will contribute to effective fighting against illicit trafficking in weapons and drugs in the border areas of Uzbekistan, and strengthen peace and stability in the region.”

UzA, Nodira Manzurova, 11 March 2011, 20:37

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